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Accomplished. Passionate. Compassionate. Family Law and Estate Planning Attorney Serving Orland Park, IL Areas

My Firm Helps You with Legal Problems in the Areas of Family Law, Divorce & Child Support

I listen carefully to your concerns

My office has been supporting clients and helping them go through the process of divorce and address their concerns regarding child custody, maintenance and child support in the Southwest Suburbs for over ten years. Please read my profile to get to know me better.

I understand the stress that legal matters bring

Having focused my practice in the area of Family Law, I am familiar with the various complexities and issues which can arise in those types of cases.  I believe my clients deserve realistic and practical advice and I offer guidance in the following areas:

    • Divorce: Choosing to dissolve your marriage can be stressful and overwhelming. During your divorce, I will guide you through the various complexities involved, including Child Support, Maintenance, Custody (now called Allocation of Parental Responsibility), and all the other various issues that can arise. I have the skill and experience necessary to help you through the divorce process.
    • Child Support: In any Divorce or Parentage Matter where there are children involved, the issue of supporting that child or children must be addressed.  My office has the experience to provide advice and represent your interests in child support matters.
    • Child Custody: Under recent changes to Illinois Law, this is now called Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibility.When you are going through a divorce, the well-being of your children is always a top priority. I have significant experience in all aspects of child custody law. I am dedicated to protecting your right to raise your child in a healthy environment.
    • Maintenance: When you get a divorce, there are many issues that need to be addressed, including spousal support. Maintenance, or spousal support, is a major part of divorce law. My office will work with you to address all of the issues related to this increasingly complex area of Family Law.
    • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders: In many divorces, retirements accounts, such as 401(k) accounts and pensions are divided between the parties.  This is a complex intersection of both Federal and State law, and my office has extensive experience drafting these orders.
    • Estate Planning: Planning for the allocation of your property after your death can be a complicated and stressful process. My office works with clients to ensure the passing of your property to your heirs after your death is as smooth and painless a process for them during that difficult time.  To the extent necessary, we will engage various tax and other financial professionals, depending on the size and nature of your estate, to ensure that the passing of your property occurs with the minimal amount of tax consequences and difficulty for your heirs.

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If you would like to contact my office to arrange a consultation, please contact me at 708-441-3736 to arrange your consultation or contact the firm online.

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